The Door 6 Process

    At Door 6 we believe that working with graphic designers should be an easy, stress-free process, which is why we pride ourselves on being approachable, easily accessible and timely. Over the years we have fine-tuned the way we work to ensure that developing a brand and producing a new design is a simple and stress free process for our clients.

    First, we get to know you.

    We work with you to discover the core values and goals of your business, where you fit in the market, your customer, and your specific marketing goals. This allows us to get an intimate understanding of your business and become a trusted part of your “team’. It also lays the foundations for future campaigns and brand development.

    Then we start the design process.

    We explore several design solutions based on your input and our research until we have a winning idea to run with. We then present you with presentation-ready solutions.  Once you have chosen a design direction, we work with you to refine the design until you are 100% satisfied.

    We offer ongoing support.

     As a long-term partner we offer ongoing customer care, working alongside you to ensure your position in the marketplace continues to grow from strength to strength.

    We can help you with more than just design.

    As your creative service partners, we can look after your brand from start to finish. Depending on your needs we are able to facilitate and manage many other services that can help you with your business strategy including: