The Story Behind Door 6

“Great design is not something that you stumble across. It’s something that is articulated, influenced and refined over many years. Your sense of colour, space and pattern are all influenced by everything in the world around you.” – Lisa Schroder


Lisa Schroder has a love and passion for design. Through every project her aim is to create a design that has impact, balance, simplicity and beauty. One that stands the test time, looking great many years after it was first created.

Known for her friendly personality, eye for design, marketing insight and out-of-the-box thinking, Lisa has helped countless businesses both small and large solidify their brand and position themselves competitively in the marketplace through her creative designs and strategic branding advice.

Having worked with some of Australia’s most well known brands including Colorado, Mathers and William’s for the last 13 years, Lisa wanted to create a design studio that provides all businesses with the expertise and experience of a full service agency and the personalised service of a boutique design studio.

It was a crisp day in August 2009 when Lisa bought her desk home to her new design studio. It wasn’t your typical desk, an old recycled door and two trestle legs, but it had Lisa’s unique flare written all over it. The desk it seemed had a surprise of its own, the number ‘6’ still attached from its previous home. Inspired, Lisa named her new studio ‘Door 6’.